Thursday, July 29, 2004

Bush the Multilateral

While Kerry likes to talk everyday that Bush is going it alone, Bush has been working with his allies to choke and surround hostile nations.

The "unilateralist" Bush administration is also setting up a sister organization to the PSI called Caspian Guard. Caspian Guard is ostensibly a three-way alliance between the United States, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan for the integration of several interlocking program elements, namely airspace and maritime surveillance and control systems, reaction and response forces, and border control.

What might be Caspian Guard's deeper mission? Take a look at a couple of maps, one of Azerbaijan's neighborhood and one of Kazakhstan's. What do they have in common? Both are central Asian states with coasts on the Caspian Sea, and both either share a border with or are across the water from Iran. Caspian Guard is to Iran what the PSI is to North Korea -- a cage in the making, constructed by the Bush administration's State Department. Look for several other US-leaning states in the area, such as Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, and possibly even Turkey, to either join the Caspian Guard or cooperate with it in significant ways. The US will begin to encircle Iran, the world's most dangerous remaining Islamic state, the way it is attempting to encircle North Korea, all to strangle their nuclear proliferation programs and over time halt their nuclear programs altogether. Additionally, Caspian Guard gives member states access to US training and tactical knowledge and the assurance of friendly relations with the world's sole superpower in exchange for assistance in dealing with some of the axis of evil's charter members.

Like always this gets little press. It is more important to hear Kerry say for the thousandth time we don't work with our allies, he can get our "real" allies on board. Blah blah blah.

And if Bush can pull off getting Russian Divisions in Iraq, then another Kerry talking point goes up in flames.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Clinton was bad for the Military

I just came across a blog called Black Five and his post and comments on troop morale. I can attest to some of those comments on that blog. I served in the military between 1993 and 1996. I fully expected to make it a career also.

One thing I remember everyone bitching about was the pay. Yes we all understood we would never get paid big time money, all that we asked for was for it to keep up with simple inflation. During the Clinton years pay increase for soldiers was non-existent.

On top of that in 1998 Clinton helped push through PROGRAMMED MANAGED LOSSES (PML) AND CHANGE IN NCO STRUCTURE (CINCOS). In one year 3,100 NCO's were lost by the Army. Anyone who has ever served in the military knows the NCO core is the backbone of the U.S. Army. Without their knowledge things dont get done and they dont get done properly. Virtually over night the U.S. Army lost its knowledge base. And thats a terrible thing to do to the military community.

The one thing I noticed when Bush came into office was the military community was more upbeat. For once a President was taking care of the military and giving them better pay increases. For example when Clinton came into office in 1992 the average monthly pay for a E-4 specialist was $971. By the end of his 8 years in 2000 the pay rate had increased to $1,242 a month. That is an increase of $271 in 8 years. Not bad huh? Well since Bush has come into office he has raised that amount for E-4 to $1502, or a $260 increase in less than 3 years.

Its obvious Clinton did his best to discourage military service. Hell he discouraged me from making it a career because they treated us like shit. And on top of that he made us look like shit by letting every nut in the world take pop shots at us without any forcefull response.

You can listen to John Kerry bitch and moan about how our soldiers didnt have the proper boby armor for Iraq. While its a legit gripe and issue, he cant make himself look good on it by then voting against the funding that would help buy more of that particular body armor and other supplies our troops need.

Bush takes care of his troops, and his troops appreciate the hell out of it. No career Army soldier wants a return to Clinton era style of handling the military that John Kerry would bring.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Hamas Founder Dead

Its about time the man known as Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, founder of Hamas got what he deserved. Israeli forces killed him in a rocket attack. Ofcourse hundreds of thousands of Palestinians flooded the streets and shouted revenge.

Hezbollah told Isreal it was a "stupid mistake" and vowed to attack Israeli and American interests.

In typical European fasion, they condemned Israel, not the man responsible for intentionally targeting civilians and children. Way to stand up against terrorism Europe!

Stop by Citizen Smash to see how utterly pathetic the ant-war movement is getting and see what kind of clueless clowns are leading them.